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Wholistic Herbalism Counseling

Hetepu! Welcome! As a Herbalist, I will use my sacred knowledge practices in an attempt to find the root cause of illness. As a Wholistic Practitioner, I will seek natural organic herbs based on the ailment(s) or condition(s) a client describes during the consultation. After completion of our questionnaire, I will also perform a clinical exam, in-person or virtually examining certain regions of the body to form customized treatment. Clients may be ordered to use a single herbal treatment or an amalgamation of herbal treatments. 

The reason for general use of Wholistic Herbalism Counseling  is to ultimately guide, prepare, forewarn, shape, motivate, inspire, encourage, and fine tune individuals who prefer Sacred Medicine Practices. The dire need of overall Wellness is at an all time high in this world, EVOLVEtoRESOLVE is to help the rise of ones SOULFUL WILL!!!

Folami Shakur has a lot more to offer! Eye also offer products like African waist beads, raw organic products for hair and skin, as well as space cleansers such as candles, incense, and more. These products are handmade by me or imported from which they were handmade. We are consistently growing and constantly adding new products. So be sure to join our newsletter for discounts and updates on new products.

Essential Oil Bath Salts

Raw Shea Butter Salves

Raw Cocoa Butter Salves

Vegan Essential Oil Lipgloss

Space Cleansers

Organic Vegan Toothpaste  

Who is Folami Shakur?

Born in Brooklyn, NY,  to immigrant parents from Jamaica, Folami Shakur was faced with adversity as her family trialed to prevail poverty ranks and vanquish domestic abuse. Living in the inner city urban area, her family experienced the crime and degradation of this same world today. The robberies, prostitution, school shootings, sexual molestation along with communities of people being incarcerated, Folami Shakur's mother made a decision  to move away from the more hostile surroundings, to where Folami found Peace.

Cleansing Space

I found meditation to be an essential way of clearing negativity. When done routinely, you may experience  reduction in stress, improved health, stabled emotions, and positive thinking. Many professionals, athletes, artists , and spiritual people find meditating to be an important part of their lives. We offer products that may assist with concentration during meditation such as: Essential oils, incense, sage, and candles. We are constantly adding new products, so visit us often. 



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